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Story Time

Waldo and the Sea Monster

Written by Nigel Blaikie and narrated by Amy Hays

Waldo is a helicopter pilot who loves to help out. He has all sorts of amazing adventures! In this story Waldo is called upon to help deal with a sea monster called Slimey, who likes to tip people out of their boats! Slimey just wants to play but his games are no fun for the beach goers.

Waldo really has his hands full this time. Will he be able to get Slimey the sea monster to change his mischievous ways?! 🚁🐲🏖

This story is suitable for children aged 3+

Nigel Blaikie used to work with helicopters and would tell his young son stories based on his helicopter adventures. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Nigel Blaikie’s book ‘Waldo and the Sea Monster’, email the author at

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