You, and your family, are very important to us. So we’re committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

We promise to never sell your personal details to anyone.

What types of personal information do you collect about me?

  1. Information that you give us

    During communications we might ask for your name and contact details, or your date of birth, depending on the nature of the communication and the request made.

  2. Device information
    • your computer
    • your mobile phone
    • your tablet
    • your voice-enabled smart assistant
    • your TV

    Our website, through the use of cookies may collect the following:

    • IP (internet protocol) address
    • pages you visit
    • how long you spend on a page
    • how long you listen

How will you use my personal information?

We have to have a valid reason to use your personal information. Sometimes we might ask your permission to do things, like when you subscribe to an email. Other times, when you'd reasonably expect us to use your personal information, we don't ask your permission, but only when the law says it's fine to use it.

We use your information for these types of things:

  1. to deliver our services and to provide you with information about them
  2. to deal with your requests, complaints and enquiries
  3. to personalise services and give you things more tailored to you
  4. to contact you

How does Bedtime FM use cookies and tracking?

Cookies are bits of data which are stored in your computer or mobile when you visit a website or app.

We use them for the following reasons:

  1. to remember information about you, so you don't have to give it to us again, over and over.
  2. to help us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better
  3. to help us personalise your experience
  4. to deliver advertising to websites
  5. to find out if our emails have been read and if you find them useful

How can I keep my children safe online?

There are lots of things you and your children can do to stay safe online. The Internet Matters website is a great resource of advice and tips for parents and children:

Can I delete my information?

Yes, you can make a request and we will do our best to remove all information we hold on you.

How can I contact Bedtime FM?

You can email us at