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Photo of Rob Griffiths

Rob Griffiths

Rob is the founder of Bedtime FM. Born and raised in Gloucester England, where he lives with his wife and 2 sons.

My eldest son was the inspiration behind the show. After we began to read him a bedtime story when he was 6 months old, I realised that every child should have access to free stories.

I considered providing audiobooks but then stumbled upon podcasting, which is the perfect medium for providing regular stories to parents, ready for bedtime or the school run.


Photo of Chanel Tsang

Chanel Tsang

Chanel spends her days playing with children and working with families in an early learning centre, the best job in the world!

She loves reading, writing, and storytelling, so being a part of Story Time is a dream (thanks, Rob)!

Chanel lives in Ontario, Canada with her partner and two daughters who are big Bedtime FM fans!


Photo of Jess Judd

Jess Judd

Jess’s love for reading was fostered at an early age, by listening to her father read to her from authors like JR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Reading these, and other authors, was her inspiration to start writing her own stories.

Fast forward to today, Jess lives in Perth, Western Australia with her two kids, and she loves being a part of a network that is fostering a love of literature in children all around the globe.


Photo of Amy Hays

Amy Hays

Amy is an early childhood teacher and mum to two little ones. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Amy is passionate about children's literature and is excited to be helping out on the Story Time podcast. She believes our audiostories are a great way of encouraging the development of a lifelong love of storytelling and books in our listeners.