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Scientist Sarah And The Glitter Germs 🛀🏿🚿

Written and narrated by Nicole Esquino

Sarah is a Scientist in Training asking questions we’ve all been curious about. She performs experiments that will make you giggle and want to dash off to your own science laboratory. 

Are you ready to experiment with glitter and germs? 🔬✨

This story is recommended for children ages 5+

Glitter Germs: Hand Washing Experiment

The use of plastic based glitter may have a bad effect on the environment. It's advised to find a biodegradable alternative or to use a fine couscous dyed with bright colours. Using wet hands and dirt is an okay alternative but you'll have to sprinkle on the dirt on rather than have them look like they just came out of a swamp.


Kids learn the importance of washing their hands with a concrete example.

Tools Needed

  • Glitter
  • Hand Lotion
  • Bowl
  • Paper Towel


  1. Ask your kids: Why do we need to wash our hands? What are germs? When should we wash our hands?
  2. Apply a small amount of lotion to each child’s hands.
  3. Sprinkle glitter onto each child’s hand over a bowl to catch excess glitter.
  4. First, give each child a dry paper towel to try to clean one hand. Discuss their observations of how effective the dry paper towel is.
  5. Then, have each child wash both hands with cold water. Discuss their observations of how effective the cold water is.
  6. Next, have each child wash both hands using soap and warm water. Discuss their observations of how effective the soap and warm water is.
  7. Last, discuss why is it important to wash our hands? Ask kids to give several examples of when they should wash hands. (ex. After sneezing, using the restroom, after playing outside, etc.)


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