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The Swamp Monster

Written and narrated by Jess Judd

This story is a little scary, parental discretion is advised.

Big thanks to Jill for her support and story suggestions. As a Patron she was able to request the following story:

Hello Friends at Bedtime FM!!! My nephew John and my niece Marisa love listening to BedtimeFM whenever we have a sleepover or take a long car ride. Our favorite stories are “Elsie Meets a Witch” and “Chester and the Traveling Toilet” but we love all the stories and the entertaining narrators.

The kids and I collaborated on this request to choose our story details. Big brother John and little sister Marisa hug Mommy & Daddy goodbye and go camping with Aunt Jilly and her fearless dog Teddy. It’s a real campsite in the woods with a cool green pond for swimming.  The kids favorite activities were swimming, collecting firewood, cooking our food over the campfire (hot dogs, roasted corn, marshmallows and more!!) hiking in the woods and playing games. We imagined what would happen if a scary-looking yet kind Swamp Monster lived in the pond and needed our help, and maybe somehow we could help each other?? Thanks so much!! We really love all your stories, especially from Jess Judd, and we look forward to memorializing our first ever family camping trip with a fun and feel-good story!! We love BedtimeFM!!!



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Did you enjoy this story? Why not take a look at some of our other children‘s bedtime stories?

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Kevin MacLeod
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