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Dazzling Dinosaurs

Written by Maureen Sudlow and narrated by Rob Griffiths and the Bedtime FM Team

The boys had a day off school. It was raining so they ended up at the library, with nothing much to do. Boredom was sinking in until Zach knocked over a pile of dinosaur books. Suddenly the pages were empty, people were flitting at the air with their hands and hiding under tables. What on earth was going on, and where had the dinosaurs disappeared to?!

Don't ever let anyone try to tell you libraries are boring places!

The author dedicates this story to the Dargaville librarians of Northland, New Zealand.

A short story suitable for young children aged 3–8 years old.

Maureen has a lovely website of poetry and photography . You can buy her picture book Fearless Fred there too.

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Thanks to Amy and Asher, and greengreenbugs from New Zealand, photodude4321, Koa Balmores, and Liora and her dad from the USA, Liliandra from Australia, for your amazing reviews, which you can hear at the end of this episode.

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