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Best Christmas Ever

Written and narrated by Jess Judd

Riley was super excited. It was almost December, which meant that it was almost Christmas! He had noticed, however, that Tom wasn't joining in with conversations about all the cool toys Riley and his friends were hoping to get.

Why didn’t his friend seem excited about Christmas and all the toys he would get? Was everything with Tom okay?

This is a story about a little boy discovering for himself what really matters at Christmas: Family, friends, and kindness to others.

A Christmas bedtime story suitable for children aged 5–13 years old.

To read this story, and others written by Jess, visit her website.

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Big thanks to our Patrons Chris Judd, Cindy Mac, Matt Garson, Lisa Vilard, Erin Wheeler, and Willy Ford. Also thanks to Elsie and Fleur from the UK, Emma, Craig and India-Rose from Scotland, Freddy from England, Rosie and Amber from the USA, Sage and his dad Aaron from New York for your amazing reviews, which you can hear at the end of this episode.

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