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Ghost Cave 👻

Written by Jess Judd and narrated by Amy Hays

A big thank you to Asher from New Zealand, who requested a story about a ghost cave story, that isn’t scary. No pressure hey Asher! I had fun writing this story, especially reading The Monster Laughbook by Nathan Oser for jokes! Hope you enjoy it, Happy Halloween xo - Jess

Ethern is a ghost. He lives in a cave. But he’s not a scary ghost, and his cave isn’t a scary cave. Ethern loves jokes, and all he wants to do is tell people his jokes. It doesn’t always go very well however. Poor Ethern. Will he ever find someone who will stay and listen to his jokes?

This story is appropriate for children aged 5 - 10.

Nathan Oser has helped us out a bunch at Bedtime FM. He wrote one of our Halloween stories from last year, Midnight O’Clock.

Nathan also designed our Buffy Bunny Commemorative Stickers which you can purchase in our shop.

To read this story, and others written by Jess, visit her website.

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