Peace Out


Top of the Mountain

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

Kaala and Chuff have finally reached the top of the mountain! They’re about to find the treasure! But there are some surprises along the way…and more surprises to come as we wind down Season 2 of Peace Out!

The second half of today’s episode does not have much movement so be prepared to get really comfortable while you listen during that part of our relaxation story!


So many questions…but guess what, Kaala and Chuff’s adventure is not done yet! We have two more episdoes of Season 2 left, and there is a big surprise for Kaala and Chuff at the end…so come back in two weeks when we have two special guests joining us before our season finale episode! What do you think the surprise is?

You can tweet your guesses to @PeaceOutPodcast or email them to me at or on Facebook.

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