Peace Out


Pebble Patience

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

Welcome to Season 4 of Peace Out Podcast! This season, we are exploring the life cycles of different animals, plants, and minerals on earth. We’re starting simple, with a pebble! 

Also new this season is our Kindness Story shared each episode. If you’d like to tell us about a time when someone did something kind for you, please send a voice recording to with “Kindness Story (child’s name)” as the subject. We will listen and respond to each one and choose a few to include on future Peace Out episodes! 

Today’s Themes Scientific (curriculum connections): rocks, erosion Social-emotional connections: patience, resilience

Resource Erosion by National Geographic
Four Reasons to Cultivate Patience by Kira M. Newman How to teach children patience: making waiting fun! YouTube video by Extra Education Beyond School Time (some great, practical ideas!) Shape and Erosion of Pebbles, a scientific paper by Durian, D., Bideaud, H., Duringer, P., Schröder, A. P., & Marques, C. M. (2007). Maybe not to read with children, but to show those who love rocks and crystals that this can be a subject they study as a job! 

Board games are also great ways to practice patience and taking turns! 

Mixed and Mastered by John Karsten for Bedtime FM

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