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Time to Pause: Friday

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

It’s the end of the week so it’s time to relaaax! Today we’re going to do a top to toes relaxation exercise.

Mindfulness Activity: We are focusing on relaxing our bodies today but it’s also important to keep active and moving. If you can’t get outside to play in the fresh air and sunshine, you can still play some fun movement games in the house. Here are a few ideas (just be careful of the things and people around you):

  • Walk up and down the stairs 5 times (try doing this in different ways: slow motion, fast without stamping, skipping one step, backwards while holding the railing)
  • Play sports with a beach ball or balloon. You can kick it around, try to keep it in the air, play volleyball, or aim in into a basket. 
  • Do yoga! Find some kids’ yoga videos or cards to stretch and move and balance. Yoga poses can help build your muscles, improve your coordination and balance (which is great for sports), and keep your body AND your brain active! 
  • Take a long string or ball of yarn and make a path around the room. Balance as you walk along the line. You can make straight and curvy lines! Try walking backwards too. 
  • Follow the leader. The leader crosses the room in any way except walking while the other person copies their movement. Take turns being the leader. 

Hope that’s enough to get you started! If you think of other fun and safe movement games to play indoors, please share it with us on Twitter (@peaceoutpodcast), Instagram (@peaceoutstories), or on the Bedtime FM Facebook page! We’d love to see how you’re keeping active! 

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