Peace Out


Find your Forest

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

We pretend to whistle with an acorn cap today, bring our hands near our mouth. Feel free to skip this one and/or make sure everyone has washed their hands right before listening.

Did you know that trees talk to each other? They do! Mother trees can send food to their saplings. Trees that are being attacked can send warnings to their neighbours. Trees help each other and that connection is very important for their own survival and health. 

Oh yes, of course we’re doing a tree pose today(!), along with a couple other relaxation exercises. 

We also mention the Australian bushfires. During the time of writing, it was announced that there are no more active fires for the first time since July 2019! Great news, but the devastation from these mass fires will take months and even years to recover from, especially now with COVID-19, and you can help. Here are a few places accepting donations at the link below. (And as with any charitable donation, it’s best to do some research into the organization to ensure you’re happy where your donations are going.)

Here's how to help Australia bushfire victims by Amy Chillag and Lauren Lee, CNN

Of course there are many, many people who need support right now in our own neighbourhoods too, so if you can, think about donating to your local food banks and shelters. 

Stay well and take care, everyone. 

Today’s Themes

Scientific (curriculum connections): Trees, root systems, air pollution 

Social-emotional connections: Connection (support systems: family and friends, neighbours) 


I Can Name 50 Trees Today! All About Trees (Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat Learning Library) By Bonnie Worth 

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they Feel, How they Communicate—Discoveries from a Secret World by Peter Wohleben 

Lonely Doug: The Story of Canada’s Last Great Trees by Harley Rustad

How to Whistle an Acorn Cap (this is to keep in mind for the future, right now may not be the best time to do this)

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