Peace Out


Howdy, Partner: Seahorse Life

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

Seahorses are seriously interesting creatures! Learn more about these fish as we breathe, move, and relax together. 

A core part of Peace Out is social-emotional learning. Today we talk about how we can check in with our family and friends during this challenging time. 

We also introduce Alternate Nostril Breathing, a pranayama (yogic breathing) practice that has a lot of benefits. As we are explaining it over audio only here, we will do a simplified version of the hand movement to keep things simple. I hope I’ve explained it clearly in the episode, but you may want to take a look at our resources to get the visual explanation of the concept. 

If you and your children are interested, I’ve included a couple of YouTube video links showing the proper hand movement and also another simpler version for kids. 

Before you listen, it might be a good idea to make sure there are no stuffy noses and wash hands as we will be touching our face during this exercise. Then wash hands afterwards too. 🙂

Stay well and take care, everyone. 

Today’s Themes

Scientific (curriculum connections): seahorse life cycle

Social-emotional connections: emotional literacy and connection 


7 Wild Facts You May Not Know about Seahorses (Ocean Conservancy) 

10 Things You Never Knew About Seahorses (Smithsonian)

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Alternate Nostril Breathing (Mind Body Green Health)

Balance Breath (Alternative Nostril) for Parents and Classrooms (Fablefy)- YouTube video for kids

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Kids (Donna Freeman)- YouTube video offering a simpler two-hand option 

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